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My name is Matt and I live in San Diego, CA.  I graduated San Diego State University with a degree in Kinesiology, emphasis Fitness, Nutrition and Health.  At some point I hope to return for a Masters, but that’s not in the immediate future.   I am currently working as a personal trainer.

My primary interests are how humanity, specifically the human body, will be changed by the advent of new technologies.  I am optimistic about the potential of GNR (genetic, nanotech, robotic) technologies to drastically improve the living standard of humanity.  I am also pessimistic of humanities ability to use these technologies for positive rather than negative reasons (see atomic bomb.)  I suppose that makes me a middle of the road type.

Among my other interests are sports (though my views on competition are rather nuanced,) health and fitness, and science ficiton.



1. carpediemcat - September 25, 2007

Tag you’re it!!! I just rolled away.

2. Aziz - September 18, 2008

I miss you man.. hope we can see each other again in the near future.
Goodluck in Life.
by: The ONLY guy that has an interest in the history of Clj.
Abdulaziz. (jk about above.) 🙂

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