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The Bodybug…or My First Cyborg Implant April 24, 2009

Posted by Matt Brown in Fitness, Human Enhancement.
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Working as I do at 24 Hour Fitness I have had the opportunity to see first body-bug_250hand the uses of a fascinating little device called the Bodybug.  About the size of an Ipod, the Bodybug is a device which tracks calorie expenditure.  For those of you that don’t know thats actually quite impressive as the most common way of tracking caloric expenditure is through the use a VO2 mask, a very big and very cumbersome device that is not at all comfortable to wear (trust me on this.) 

Why might a way to track caloric expediture be important?  Thank you for asking.  For those attempting to lose weight the benefit is obvious.  Since weight loss is all a calorie game (burn more than you take in and you lose weight) knowing how much you burn take all the guess work out of half the equation and since the bodybug also comes with a subsciption to an online food diary, a service you can also do on your own, once you have one you really have no excuse for not losing weight.  Once you reach your ideal weight the bodybug is also useful for helping you maintain weight.  If you find yourself putting pounds back on you can take a look at calories in vs. calories out and know exactly what your doing wrong.